Fr Ticão

Some of you may remember the visit to St Mary’s in 2000 by Fr Ticão and some of his parishioners from the parish of São Francisco de Assis in São Paulo, which we supported as a twin parish for years. Sadly, Fr Ticão (actually Fr Antonio Luiz Marchioni) died on New Year’s Day in Santa Marcelina Itaquera Hospital at the age of 68. He was admitted on Thursday (31st Dec), with cardiac arrhythmia and pulmonary oedema. The next day, he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and did not survive. For years he had been parish priest of the Parish of São Francisco de Assis, São Paulo and was known for his social work, mainly in the East zone of São Paulo.

Fr John Hayes wrote that he was very sorry to learn of the death of Father Ticão. He was a great priest, one that Pope Francis would be proud of for his work with the poor. He certainly had the smell of the sheep off him. Fr John felt it was a great privilege to have given him some help by offering solidarity with his parish through the prayers and financial support of the people of St Mary's parish. From his point of view, he was no age!

The Brentwood Catholic Youth Service

The Brentwood Catholic Youth Service has a number of opportunities coming up for young people and those accompanying them, including Youth Mass on Instagram this week (7th October), and “BCYS voices” on YouTube, beginning with Fr Paschal Uche in November, considering the pain and problem of racism, and the potential for us, as young Catholics, to build the world in the image of Jesus Christ – where everyone is welcomed, valued and loved, in all the beautiful diversity of every race. More details at and on Instagram and YouTube @BrentwoodCYS.


For Parents whose sons are to transfer to Secondary School in September 2021 there is a Virtual Presentation on Thursday, 24th September 2020. See Attached invitation from the Headteacher.

Update on Lourdes in your Living Room

“Lourdes in your Living Room” - Someone who watched last week’s pilgrimage said, “I feel like I have been in Lourdes for the last five days. Thank you. I even bought croissants for breakfast!”. For pilgrims of all ages the week had a great impact, and if you have missed it, or want to watch and pray again, it is all on YouTube – turn a Staycation into a pilgrimage! You’ll find everything at If you have comments or questions, simply email or phone 01277373959. The 18 hour challenge has so far raised over £5,250, to be split between Cafod and the BCYS. Congratulations to all who took part, and thank you to everyone who has donated. More details


There is a meeting on Tuesday 15th September at 7.30pm in the church for all on the RCIA programme to see how we can realise your reception into the Catholic Church.

Diocesan News:

Canon Brian O’Shea, Canon Tom Lavin and Fr David Prior are retiring this year. The Bishop has appointed the following as Parish Priests: Monsignor John Armitage from Walsingham to Canning Town, Fr Andrew Forys from Canning Town to Lexden, Fr Martin Hardy to Grays, Fr Nixon Gomes from Assistant in Colchester to Witham and Fr Bartolomeu Blaj to South Woodford. Assistant Priests: Fr Adrian Lowe (newly ordained) to Wanstead, Fr Paschal Uche (newly ordained) to Colchester.

Lourdes in your Living Room

“Lourdes in your Living Room” - Join this amazing virtual pilgrimage with Bishop Alan and people from across the Diocese during the week of 27th – 31st July, with daily Mass, Reflections, Rosary and Angelus, as well as the Marian (“Torchlight”) procession, and a talent show at the end of the week. It will all be on YouTube, and all the information you need is at, including a timetable for the pilgrimage. If you know someone who you could help to get online to participate, now is the time! If you would like to be more directly involved, there are several opportunities – just have a look at the website. The pilgrimage is for those of all ages, with a special additional programme for those aged 15-23. It is all completely free.

Click here to view Lourdes in your Living Room Timetable.
Click here to view Young People’s Information

First Holy Communion 2020

There will be a meeting on Monday 14th September, 7:00pm in the Church, to plan how we can celebrate the First Holy Communion for the children. Space in the church is limited, so we ask that only ONE parent attend from each family and no children if possible. After the meeting, can some parents please help with the cleaning of the church (about 10 minutes) Thank you.

First Holy Reconcilliation and Communion Programme 2020/21

We are now accepting applications for the First Holy Communion programme for 2020-2021. We ask that you please complete the application form for your child and return it to the Presbytery along with a copy of both their Baptism certificate and one or both of parent’s baptism certificate. Please do not bring originals. The application form and certificates should be placed in an envelope and put through the letterbox of the presbytery (213 Hornchurch Road – the red door!). We require the forms to be returned by 31st July 2020. First Communion Application Form

Later, we will need two passport photos of your child along with the completed permission form (click here) so that it can be displayed in the Church during the course of the Holy Communion programme. We will also require a small fee of £30 to cover some of the costs of the programme.

We all know that we are living in unusual times. Therefore, given what is happening, we may have to adapt the preparation course from previous years. We are all waiting to see how things pan out!

Please do keep checking the website under the ‘Parish News’ tab for any updates. No one will contact you directly before mid-September. If you have completed the form but have heard nothing from us by October then please do contact the office.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child onto the Parish FHC programme.

Keep safe, God bless, Fr. Martin

FHC Letter

Confirmation Group

Fr. Martin’s message to you
Dear Confirmation Group, I hope you are all well and happy. On Pentecost Sunday we had planned for your Confirmation. It wasn’t to be. Hopefully when the church is allowed to open and it is safe to gather, we can celebrate your confirmation. Thank you for sending in your Confirmation Name and the reasons why you choose that saint’s name. If you haven’t done so as yet, please can you send your saints name asap. Thanks!

I hope you have been able to watch the mass from St Marys on a Sunday at 10am and in the week. And at 8pm each evening to gather at home and be united with each other in prayer to Our Lady for our parish, those who are sick, and for our wonderful doctors, nurses, care workers, teachers and so many others who do fantastic work. Keep safe. I pray for you each day. Please pray for me.
God bless, Fr Martin

Prayers for the Holy Spirit:
Father, pour out Your Spirit upon your people and grant us a new vision of Your glory, a new experience of Your power a new faithfulness to Your Word and a new consecration to Your service so that Your love may grow among us and Your kingdom come through Christ our Lord, Amen.
Lord Jesus, let Your Spirit rest upon our parishes, schools and homes that they may be places of love and truth where the weak are made strong and the strong learn humility and all of us learn the wisdom that alone comes from You. Amen
Holy Spirit, Comforter and Sanctifier, melt our hearts that we may accept Your love. Renew our minds that we may know Your truth. Strengthen our will that we may follow You faithfully, through Christ our Lord. Amen

Virtual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham

Our annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham was due to take place on Saturday 23rd May but had to be cancelled due to the closure of places of worship as a result of Covid-19. However, thanks to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham’s 24 hour livestream service we can still have a virtual pilgrimage by joining the services being livestreamed via the Shrine’s website on Saturday 23rd May from 11am.

Good Shepherd Sunday

This Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday when we traditionally pray for vocations to the priesthood for our diocese. Usually on Good Shepherd Sunday the seminarians travel to parishes to speak about vocations. This year three of them, Michael Barwick, Jonathan Burden and Deacon Paschal Uche have recorded video messages in place of this, asking for your prayers and encouraging those who think they might have a vocation to get in touch for an informal chat with vocations promoter Fr Mark Swires. You can watch their video messages here.

Evenings for enquirers

We continue to have evenings for those who would like to enquire about a vocation to the priesthood. At the moment these are being held online. Please get in touch with Fr Mark Swires at for more information. Please continue to pray for vocations to the priesthood and to the religious life and also that all of us may be able to hear what God is asking us to do. See Vocations Prayer Card. For more informaton visit

What Good News Faith Talks

Lockdown may provide us with opportunities to dedicate more time to the reading of Scripture, celebrating our own Liturgy of the Word. Throughout the Easter season we read from the Acts of the Apostles, seeing how the Easter gospel is preached in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Fr Adrian Graffy has recorded a talk on the opening eight chapters of Acts, which is now available on

It is from Scriptures such as these, which point to the priorities of Christian faith lived in the world, that we can reinvigorate our faith as we go forward from Pentecost to face new problems for the world and for the Church.